Balsam - HPC Workflow and Edge Service

Balsam is a Python-based service that handles the cumbersome process of running many jobs across one or more HPC resources. It runs on the login nodes, keeping track of all your jobs and submitting them to the local scheduler on your behalf.

Why do I want this?

Whereas a local batch scheduler like Cobalt runs on behalf of all users, with the goals of fair resource sharing and maximizing overall utilization, Balsam runs on your behalf, interacting with the scheduler to check for idle resources and sizing jobs to minimize time-to-solution.

You could use Balsam as a drop-in replacement for qsub, simply using balsam qsub to submit your jobs with absolutely no restrictions. Let Balsam throttle submission to the local queues, package jobs into ensembles for you, and dynamically size these packages to exploit local scheduling policies.

There is much more to Balsam, which is a complete service for managing complex workflows and optimized scheduling across multiple HPC resources.

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